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Sekar Jagat Body Scrubs - Placing Your Order

Our Sekar Jagat Body Scrubs are currently sold on a PROMOTION PRICE of RM 6.50 / pc. Buy 3 pieces for only RM 18!

Please note that the price is not inclusive of shipping cost of RM 3.50 via Poslaju. If you buy more than 5 pieces or if you are ordering from outside Kuala Lumpur, higher shipping cost may apply which will be informed upon receiving your order.

Cash on Delivery (CoD) - KLCC and Setiawangsa only.

Alternatively, I can deliver your purchase directly at a mutually agreeable time. No shipping costs will apply on CoD. However, I regret to inform that for the time being I only deliver to KLCC and Setiawangsa area only.

To check on the available variants, please click here. Hurry, while stocks last!

To place your order:
  1. SMS to +60132261640, or e-mail to
  2. Mention your name, delivery address, the amount and variants of Sekar Jagat body scrubs you would like to buy.
  3. I will reply your SMS or e-mail within 24 Hrs to confirm the availabilty of the requested items and the total price (including shipping cost).
  4. Please DO NOT make any payments before receiving an e-mail or SMS confirmation from me.
  5. Please note that I will only respond to SERIOUS buyers.
  6. I regret to inform that the items sold are not returnable.

To make your payment:

Upon receiving an SMS or e-mail confirmation from me, please bank-in or transfer your payment in the amount confirmed in my SMS /e-mail to the following bank account:

Bank Name : Maybank

Account Number : 164294282463

Account's Holder: Dian Kirana

Your purchase will be sent within 24 Hrs upon receiving your payment in the bank account.

Sekar Jagat Body Scrubs For Sale

For Sale!

Original Sekar Jagat body scrubs from Bali
(@ 100 gr each)

Promotion Price:

Buy 1 pc @ RM 6.50
Buy 3 pcs @ RM 18.00 ONLY

Hurry!! Stocks are limited!

Available in the following variants:

1. Milk

Milk contains protein (both whey and casein), fat, amino acids, lactic acid, and vitamin A and D. All of these components are known to calm dry, upset skin while exfoliating it at the same time, leaving the skin soft and supple. It is no wonder Cleopatra induldged herself with milk bath all the time!

Sekar Jagat milk body scrub is made of milk, bengkuang powder, wheat flour, olive oil, aquadest, and jasmine essence.

2. Strawberry

Strawberry is rich in salicylic acid, an ingredient found in many acne creams. It is one of the best treatments for acne-prone skin. Apart from that, strawberries also help to tone skin, lighten pigmentation problems and keep the skin soft and supple.

Sekar Jagat strawberry body scrub is made of strawberries extract, bengkuang powder, wheat flour, aquadest, and olive oil.

3. Chocolate

Too much chocolate bars may be bad for your hips. But surely, there is no harm in indulging yourself too much in delicious D-I-Y spa treatments at home with chocolate body scrubs! Chocolate is rich in antioxidants, which are good anti-aging agents. They protect the skin from very bad pollution that exposes us more and more these days, leaving it young and radiant all the time.

Sekar Jagat chocolate body scrub is made of chocolate powder, chocolate extract, bengkuang powder, wheat flour, aquadest, and olive oil.

4. Honey, Coconut

Apart from milk, honey is another Cleopatra's favorite beauty treatment. Many other legendary beauties were also known to use honey as a part of their beauty regime. Today, honey is widely used in skin moisturizers, facial masks, hair conditioners, and shower gels thanks to its humectant nature, which attracts and retains water. As honey is also anti-irritant, it is suitable for those with sensitive skin, even for babies. As for coconut, its oil's ability to nourish and heal the skin has been known in the tropics for hundreds of years.

Together, this honey coconut body scrub is a very good combination that helps nourish, soften, and moisturize the skin,while keeping it young and supple. A very good choice for skins which are exposed to pollution and air-conditioned room most of the days.

Sekar Jagat honey coconut body scrub is made of honey, coconut powder, bengkuang powder, wheat flour, aquadest, olive oil, and extracts of roses.

5. Coffee

Coffee is rich in caffeine. When applied to the skin, caffeine works as an antioxidant, a good anti-aging agent, and a diuretic which absorbs water from skin cells, thus preventing and treating cellulites. It energize while exfoliating the skin at the same time, leaving the skin bright, smooth and moist.

Sekar Jagat coffee body scrub is made of Balinese coffee, coffee extracts, bengkuang powder, wheat flour, aquadest, and olive oil.

6. Avocado

Avocados are widely known as a great source of Vitamin E. But what we may not know is that the fruit is also rich in Omega 3, and together they are a very effective antioxidant. Avocados have also been tested to have the most effective sunscreen benefits. They protect the skin from early aging while moisturizing and enhancing the skin tone at the same time.

Sekar Jagat avocado body scrub is made of ripe avocados, brown rice, bengkuang powder, olive oil, and jasmine extracts.

7. Bengkuang

Rich in Vitamin C and B1, bengkuang is widely known to lighten the skin tone, thus make the skin looks fairer. However, it also antisepctic in nature that it helps to ease rashes, and its sweet and cooling nature help to cool off the skin and reduce redness.

Sekar Jagat bengkuang body scrub is made of bengkuang powder, wheat flour, lime, aquadest, olive oil, and jasmine extracts.

How to place your order? Please click here.

Welcome to Sekar Jagat Body Scrub Blogshop


Welcome to my blogshop.

This blogshop sells Sekar Jagat body scrubs, directly imported from Bali - Indonesia.

Nutritious for your skin yet affordable, this body scrub is one of the most-wanted spa products in Indonesia these days. Its soft scrub texture exfoliate your skin, slough off dead skin cells, and rub away hard and flaky skin, leaving soft and smooth feeling on it.

Sekar Jagat body scrubs also have its aromatheraphy function, thanks to the floral and spicy aroma of its natural ingredients.

Sekar Jagat is handmade, natural, and is processed and packed in a highly hygienic manner. It is safe and registered with the Indonesia's National Agency of Drug and Food Control (
Badan Pengawas Obat dan Makanan).